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"The Beginning"

Located in Montana, in the outskirts of the spectacular Glacier National Park, is Angel Theater.


Originally built in the early 1940's as a Grange -an all-purpose meeting place for the farming community - it re-opened in 2017 as a venue for the Arts. This ushered in a lifelong dream for married couple Catherine - an accountant by trade - and Jack - a southern singer/songwriter - who, together, had two big goals: to do what they love and to live in the beautiful Flathead Valley.

"The Miracle"

With a dream to encourage, create and perform excellent entertainment, Catherine and Jack encountered  a series of "miracles."  People - now affectionately referred to as "Grangels" - appeared one by one, at precisely the right time. Some made the purchase of the property a reality. Others generously brought gifts; such as building materials, musical instruments, and most importantly, their time and support. Throughout the "revival" of  the "Grange," rare (and what would normally be difficult to find) items would magically show up, further proving just how special this place was.......and is continuing to become.

"The Building"

While attempting to preserve this classic, 1940's Americana-style structure to its earlier state - and at the same time transforming it to an intimate setting for the arts - the couple accumulated building materials and fixtures, such as decorative lighting, period hardware, sinks and other decor.

Being resourceful, coupled with experience, Jack - while working full time - spent three and a half years personally bringing the building back to life; locating materials, musical instruments, theatre lighting, curtains and more; with a focus of bringing the venue to a state of intimacy and a welcoming "down to earth" appeal.

"The Arts"

To promote "the arts," Angel Theater will feature great music, from songwriter nights to a Gospel choir; tasteful performances - both musically and theatrically; special presentations - from classic movies - both past and present - to Christmas concerts.

"The Studio"

With a passion for recording, and after living and learning in Nashville some 26 years, Jack has designed the theater to be a perfect marriage between today's technology and classic instruments. 

Featuring a Wurlitzer 200"Wurly" electric piano, Fender Rhodes piano, Hammond C3, A100, M3 organs- and of course the famous Leslie 122 Cabinet -musicians are able to achieve "that sound" so familiar on recordings past, present and sure to be future, to enhance any performance.  

"The Players"

The Flathead Valley is home to some of the most talented musicians, singers and performers in the world. They can entertain you, teach you, amaze and inspire you. 

The players are also available to assist you if your desire is to record your personal project.

"The Gift Shop"

With the accumulation of more building materials and decor than what could be used for the theater - and emerging from what was originally intended to be the "green room" and classrooms throughout the lower level - a gift shop was born.  Jack and Catherine like to use it as an excuse to continue to find and sell things they love. You can normally find Jack repairing something around the  property, somewhere in the shop, or touring guests throughout the venue (don't expect him to let you leave without telling him all about yourself, or showing "what you've got" on stage, to the point of signing and completing the "passion" section of the guestbook).

"The Future"

In the future, keep your eye out for additional services such as songwriting seminars; instruction in voice, piano, guitar, percussion, string, etc.; a cafe, fresh flowers, on-line store......the list goes on and on!

In this fast-paced world of cell phones and box stores, Angel Theater is a place to step back in time, enjoy good company, and remember how great things used to be ...

all over again.

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