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Masters Performing Masterpieces

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

June 27th 2018

Concert, which opens with a reception at 6:30 and the program at 7:30, features Wei Pai, virtuoso Taiwanese pianist; Tsai-Ying Li, a classical French-horn player; and the Flathead Valley’s renowned violinist Wai Mizutani. Pai trained at Gnessin’s Academy of Music before receiving his master’s degree and doctoral degree in music performance. Wei won the second prize from the International Mendelssohn Chamber Music Competition, and first place in the Concerto Competition. Tsai-Ying received her master’s degree and her doctorate in music performance. She has appeared as a soloist, chamber orchestra performer and won first place in the National Solo Horn Competition. Wai accumulated a lifetime of experience playing with the Hong Kong Philharmonic and New York Philharmonic orchestras, and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. He’s been a soloist for the Hong Kong Philharmonic, the Korean Symphony Orchestra, the Moscow Chamber Orchestra, and the Manhattan Symphony Orchestra, among many others.


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